Secure Application Development Package

We help secure your software development process, enabling you to produce secure code.

Looking to develop secure code? We’re here to help.

Our Secure Application Development Package elevates app security, incorporating Secure Coding Training, SCA (Software Composition Analysis for SBOM and SOUP), SAST, DAST, and Application Penetration Testing. This holistic bundle is designed for deep security integration into your app’s development lifecycle, promoting a proactive defense approach.

Package Highlights:

  • Continuous Learning and Security: Offers regular security training alongside flexible testing cycles, adapting to your development schedule.
  • Comprehensive Security Analysis: Integrates SAST and DAST with SCA and penetration testing for thorough vulnerability detection and mitigation strategies.
  • Early Vulnerability Detection: Focuses on preemptive identification and resolution of security issues, safeguarding your applications from evolving cyber threats.
  • Commitment to Security Excellence: Beyond a service, it’s an ongoing dedication to uphold and advance cybersecurity standards within your application development processes.

This package ensures your applications are built on a foundation of security, ready to meet the challenges of the modern cyber landscape.

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Details on Our Secure Application Development Package

Blue Goat Cyber’s Secure Coding Training is a comprehensive program designed to enhance software security skills. Covering critical topics such as secure coding practices, authentication, authorization, session management, input/output handling, error handling, logging, cryptography, and web services security, the training is structured to provide a solid foundation for building secure applications. It includes two live, one-hour training and Q&A sessions with our expert team in software development and application penetration testing, offering participants direct access to industry knowledge and best practices.

At Blue Goat Cyber, our Secure Application Development Package leverages in-depth Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to safeguard your software ecosystem. This package meticulously evaluates the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and Software of Unknown Pedigree (SOUP), ensuring complete visibility into every component of your software environment. By identifying open-source, proprietary, or undocumented elements, we enhance vulnerability management and compliance adherence. Our approach sets us apart by emphasizing manual code reviews alongside automated analyses, recognizing the limitations of automation in detecting complex vulnerabilities. Our experts delve into the codebase, identifying security weaknesses, coding errors, and compliance issues, ensuring your software is not only secure by design but also meets the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Our Static Application Security Testing (SAST) service offers a proactive approach to securing your applications by analyzing source code, byte code, or binary code for vulnerabilities that could lead to security breaches. This service is tailored to identify potential security flaws at the earliest stages of your application development lifecycle. It enables your team to address issues before they become exploitable in a live environment.

Service Features:

  • Early Detection of Vulnerabilities: SAST allows for the early identification of security issues within your application’s codebase, enabling remediation at the development stage, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of fixes.

  • Comprehensive Code Analysis: Our SAST service scans your entire codebase, including third-party libraries and dependencies, for a wide array of security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), buffer overflows, and insecure cryptographic practices.

  • Seamless Integration with CI/CD: Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, our SAST tooling automates security testing as part of your regular build process, ensuring continuous security assessment without slowing down development.

  • Detailed Reporting and Remediation Guidance: After each scan, we provide a detailed report outlining identified vulnerabilities, their severity, and potential impact. Our experts offer specific remediation guidance to help your development team address issues efficiently.

  • Developer-Focused Insights: Beyond identifying vulnerabilities, our service includes educational insights for your development team, fostering a culture of security awareness and promoting secure coding practices across your organization.

Benefits of Our SAST Service:

  • Proactive Security Posture: By identifying vulnerabilities early in the development process, our SAST service helps you adopt a proactive security posture, preventing potential attacks and data breaches.

  • Cost Savings: Early detection and remediation of security flaws can significantly reduce the costs associated with late-stage fixes, not to mention the potential costs of a security breach.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Our service supports compliance with various security standards and regulations, helping you meet legal and contractual obligations related to application security.

  • Enhanced Trust and Reliability: Demonstrating a commitment to security through regular SAST assessments can enhance trust among your users and stakeholders, reinforcing the reliability and security of your applications.

Getting Started with SAST:

To enhance the security of your applications with our SAST service, we encourage you to schedule a Discovery Session. This initial meeting will allow us to understand your specific needs, outline the scope of our testing, and discuss how our SAST service can integrate into your development lifecycle.

Invest in the security of your applications from the ground up with our Static Application Security Testing service. Our team is dedicated to helping you identify, understand, and remediate code-level vulnerabilities, ensuring your applications are secure by design.

Our Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) service is designed to identify security vulnerabilities in your applications from the outside in, simulating an attacker’s perspective. This service is an essential component of a comprehensive application security strategy, offering real-time analysis and testing of your applications without requiring access to the source code.

Service Overview:

  • Real-World Attack Simulation: DAST performs automated and manual testing techniques to simulate external hacking attempts, identifying vulnerabilities attackers could exploit once your application is in production.

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection: Our DAST service scans for a wide range of security issues, including but not limited to SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Broken Authentication, Security Misconfiguration, and Exposure of Sensitive Data. This ensures a broad coverage of potential attack vectors.

  • Continuous Monitoring and Testing: We provide continuous and periodic testing of your applications to identify and address new vulnerabilities as they arise, ensuring ongoing protection against the evolving threat landscape.

  • Actionable Insights and Remediation Guidance: Following each scan, you receive a detailed report outlining identified vulnerabilities, their severity, and their potential impact on your application. Our experts provide actionable remediation guidance to help you address these vulnerabilities effectively.

  • Non-Intrusive Testing: DAST is performed on live, running applications without disrupting your operational workflow, making it an ideal solution for ongoing security assessments.

Benefits of Our DAST Service:

  • Enhanced Application Security: By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective, our DAST service significantly enhances the security of your applications.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Our service helps ensure that your applications comply with relevant security standards and regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues.

  • Improved Customer Trust: Demonstrating a commitment to security through regular DAST assessments can build trust with your users, protecting your brand reputation.

  • Cost-Effective Security Solution: DAST offers a cost-effective way to test applications for vulnerabilities, avoiding the potentially high costs associated with a security breach.

Getting Started with DAST:

To begin enhancing the security of your applications with our DAST service, we invite you to schedule a Discovery Session. This initial consultation will allow us to understand your security needs, outline the scope of testing, and discuss how our DAST service can be integrated into your overall application security strategy.

Secure your applications against the latest cyber threats with our Dynamic Application Security Testing service. Our team of security experts is ready to help you identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of your digital assets.

Our Application Penetration Testing Service is meticulously designed to uncover vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit, providing a critical layer of defense for your digital assets. This service simulates real-world cyber attacks on your applications to identify weaknesses in your security posture. By incorporating Remediation Validation Testing (RVT), we further ensure that identified vulnerabilities are effectively remediated, offering a comprehensive solution to bolster your application security.

Key Components of the Service:

  • Thorough Penetration Testing: Our expert security team conducts extensive testing based on the latest methodologies and industry best practices, including the OWASP Top 10 and beyond. We simulate cyber attacks under controlled conditions to uncover any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your applications.

  • Detailed Vulnerability Reporting: After testing, you receive an in-depth report detailing the vulnerabilities discovered, their potential impact, and actionable remediation steps. This report is designed to provide clear guidance on how to enhance your application’s security.

  • Remediation Validation Testing (RVT): Unique to our service, RVT is conducted after your team has addressed the reported vulnerabilities. We re-test the applications to validate the effectiveness of the remediation measures, ensuring that vulnerabilities have been properly resolved and your applications are secure against similar attack vectors.

  • Customized Testing Strategies: Recognizing that each application is unique, we tailor our testing strategies to fit your application’s specific context and security requirements, ensuring the most relevant and effective assessment.

  • Continuous Security Support: Beyond the initial testing and validation, we offer ongoing support and advice to help maintain the security of your applications as they evolve and new threats emerge.

Benefits of Our Service:

  • Enhanced Application Security: By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, our service significantly reduces the risk of security breaches and data leaks, protecting your organization’s reputation and customer trust.

  • Compliance and Risk Management: Our testing helps ensure compliance with relevant security standards and regulations, reducing legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance and security breaches.

  • Cost-Efficient Security Enhancement: Investing in penetration testing and RVT is cost-effective compared to the potential expenses of responding to a security breach, including data recovery, legal fees, and lost business.

  • Informed Security Investments: The insights provided by our testing enable you to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for the most significant security impact.

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