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Cybersecurity for SaaS providers

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SaaS Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for SaaS Providers

Blue Goat Cyber is a professional cybersecurity provider specializing in cybersecurity services for SaaS Providers. Cyberattacks are commonplace for SMB SaaS Providers. Custom SaaS solutions are particularly vulnerable. It’s vital for SaaS providers to ensure they have adequate cybersecurity measures in place. 

Our primary cybersecurity services geared towards SaaS providers are SOC 2 Penetration Testing, SAST (Static Application Security Analysis), DAST (Dynamic Application Security Analysis), and White Box Penetration Testing. We offer these services in affordable packages that align with your budget and risk appetite.

Our cybersecurity services aim to secure your cloud solution so your client’s gain your trust and you meet SOC 2 compliance requirements.

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Medical Device Cybersecurity

We understand that often the key objective of testing medical devices is to assist with FDA approval.

Penetration Testing Services

How secure is your network? When is the last time you tested your cybersecurity defenses?

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis (SRA)

We help you meet the requirement to conduct an accurate and thorough assessment of risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI. 


We help you mature your cybersecurity posture in alignment with your compliance requirements and business objectives.

Our purpose is simple — to make your organization secure

The number of cybersecurity incidents continues to climb. The variety of attacks continues to grow. It is no longer a question of if you will have a cyber event.