FDA Cybersecurity Deficiency Response Services

We review your FDA hold letter and help you adequately address all cybersecurity deficiencies.
We received a FDA hold letter related to deficiencies with our Threat Model and several other cybersecurity areas for our IVD device. We weren't sure how to address these in the 180 day window, so we contacted Blue Goat. They swiftly and thoroughly addressed all our cybersecurity deficiencies, and our device is now FDA-cleared.
Lucas Rogers
Product Owner

Steps to Schedule FDA Cybersecurity Deficiency Response Service:

FDA Cybersecurity Deficiency Response

FDA Cybersecurity Deficiency Response Assistance for Medical Device Manufacturers

Blue Goat Cyber provides specialized services to help medical device manufacturers address cybersecurity deficiencies cited in FDA hold letters. Our comprehensive approach ensures your device meets FDA requirements, facilitating smoother and faster regulatory approvals.

Service Highlights

  • In-Depth Cybersecurity Assessment
    • Gap Analysis: Identify and evaluate cybersecurity gaps in your medical device as specified in the FDA hold letter.
    • Risk Management: Apply ISO 14971 and ISO/IEC 27001 standards to assess and mitigate risks associated with identified deficiencies.
  • Comprehensive Remediation Planning
    • Customized Action Plan: Develop a detailed remediation plan tailored to address the specific cybersecurity deficiencies identified by the FDA.
    • Resource Allocation: Determine necessary resources and allocate responsibilities to ensure timely and effective remediation.

Partner with Blue Goat Cyber to ensure your medical devices are secure, compliant, and ready to meet the rigorous demands of the MedTech industry. Contact us today to learn more about our FDA hold letter remediation services and how we can assist in addressing your cybersecurity deficiencies.

FDA Cybersecurity Deficiency Letter FAQs

Please schedule a 30-minute Discovery Session with us so we can best understand your objectives.

An FDA cybersecurity hold letter is a formal notification from the FDA indicating that a medical device submission has been placed on hold due to identified cybersecurity deficiencies. This means the submission will not proceed until these issues are addressed satisfactorily.


You received a cybersecurity hold letter because the FDA identified specific deficiencies in your device's cybersecurity measures during the review of your pre-market submission. These deficiencies must be addressed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your device.

Common reasons include inadequate risk assessments, insufficient mitigation strategies for identified vulnerabilities, lack of comprehensive software updates and patch management plans, incomplete documentation of cybersecurity measures, and failure to comply with FDA guidelines on device interoperability and data security.

To address the deficiencies, a thorough gap analysis must be conducted to identify and understand the issues raised by the FDA. Develop and implement a remediation plan that includes technical fixes, updated documentation, comprehensive risk assessments, and validation testing. Ensure all corrective actions are aligned with FDA guidelines and industry standards such as ISO 14971 and ISO/IEC 27001.

Your response should include detailed documentation of the identified deficiencies, corrective actions taken, updated risk assessments, verification and validation test results, and any software and hardware design changes. Comprehensive reports demonstrating compliance with FDA guidelines should also be included.

The timeframe for responding to an FDA hold letter can vary. Typically, the FDA will specify a deadline in the letter, usually 180 days. Adhering to this deadline is crucial to avoid further delays in the approval process.

If you fail to adequately address the deficiencies, the FDA may reject your submission, leading to significant delays in bringing your device to market. It may also impact your company’s reputation and the perceived safety of your device.

Yes, you can request a meeting with the FDA to discuss the hold letter, clarify the deficiencies, and learn the FDA's expectations for remediation. This can be done through a formal request for an interactive review or a pre-submission meeting.

Best practices include conducting thorough risk assessments, implementing robust mitigation strategies, ensuring comprehensive documentation, staying updated with FDA guidelines and industry standards, conducting regular security testing, and maintaining an ongoing post-market cybersecurity management plan.

Blue Goat Cyber offers specialized services to help medical device manufacturers address cybersecurity deficiencies cited in FDA hold letters. Our services include in-depth cybersecurity assessments, comprehensive remediation planning, technical and documentation support, verification and validation, regulatory compliance support, and staff training. Partnering with us ensures your device meets all necessary cybersecurity requirements, facilitating smoother regulatory approvals.

Our purpose is simple – to secure your product and business from cybercriminals.

The number of cybersecurity incidents continues to climb. The variety of attacks continues to grow. It is no longer a question of if you will have a cyber event.