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Cybersecurity Services

To protect your organization against today’s cybersecurity threats, you need an ally with a complete arsenal of tactics and the expertise to provide you with a strategy for defeating ongoing breaches and preventing future threats.
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Blue Goat Cyber Reason for Being

At Blue Goat Cyber, we appreciate that every person and organization faces an increased risk of cyber attacks. We aim to use our resources to do something about it.

Core Values

  • Think flexibly to solve problems​

  • Find the opportunity in every situation​

  • Listen carefully, respond clearly​

  • Own the problem, find the solution​

  • Grow beyond your comfort zone​

  • Obsess over critical details​

  • Learn fast, learn often​

Cybersecurity Services to Secure Your Assets

We provide tailored cybersecurity solutions that meet your objectives and reduce cyberattack risk. Our flagship services include Penetration Testing, CISO-as-a-Service, HIPAA SRA, and Medical Device Cybersecurity Assessments and Testing.

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Specialized in cybersecurity for high-risk and complex industries:


Tactical and Strategic Cybersecurity Services

Penetration Testing

We specialize in web application, black box, network, and medical device penetration testing.

Medical Device Cybersecurity

Blue Goat Cyber understands that often the key objective of testing medical devices is to assist with meeting FDA requirements.


We help you mature your cybersecurity posture in alignment with your compliance requirements and business objectives.

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

We perform an analysis based on the HIPAA Security Rule to help you achieve HIPAA compliance.


Blue Goat Cybersecurity Beliefs

We believe in protecting private property
We believe everyone has the right to freely operate in cyberspace
We believe in using our skills to give back to our local and global community
We believe in developing and empowering people
We are a trusted partner with only one purpose – to help you succeed. We realize cybersecurity is probably not the main focus of your business and is often viewed as a “necessary evil”. We are not a “one and done” company. We value long-term relationships where we help you protect your data. We know if we add enough value for you, we will both succeed. Give us a chance.
  1. Our people. All of our employees are extremely certified in their respective areas of expertise, believe in our mission, and have many years experience with both the government and commercial sectors. We are passionate about helping you secure your data.  
  2. Our Processes. We take security seriously ase a holistic approach. Many competitors begin by searching for vulnerabilities with a microscope. We start with the big picture.
  3. Our services. We spend time writing our reports in a simple to understand and implement manner. We’re not impressed with competitors that generate thousand page reports with lots of technical jargon that leave you wondering, “what do I do with this”?
We value progress. We value relationships. We value attention to detail. We value aptitude. We value attitude. We value clear communications. We value a growth mindset. We value taking ownership. We value adaptability. We value stepping outside of comfort zones. We value thinking outside the box. We value creativity and innovation. We value persistence. We value wellness. We value learning. We value success. We value the journey.

Our purpose is simple — to make your organization secure

The number of cybersecurity incidents continues to climb. The variety of attacks continues to grow. It is no longer a question of if you will have a cyber event.


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