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Blue Goat Cyber Combines Technical Prowess & Emotional Intelligence to Provide Expert Cybersecurity

Blue Goat Cyber was founded by Christian Espinosa to provide cybersecurity solutions and reduce cyber attacks. The team can help you prevent future threats and defeat ongoing breaches.


Cheyenne, WY ‒ February 8, 2023 ‒ Blue Goat Cyber is a cybersecurity services provider committed to securing your organization. They focus on preventing cybercrime, protecting your data, and ensuring your business operates smoothly. 

“I founded Blue Goat Cyber to bring awareness to the cybersecurity challenges facing businesses,” said Christian Espinosa, entrepreneur, and founder of Blue Goat Cyber. “It’s not so much of if you’ll get hit by a cyber attack — it’s when. We offer innovative solutions tailored to fit your business’s unique needs and goals.”

Blue Goat Cyber offers a wide range of services to help protect your business. They combine emotional intelligence with technical prowess, resulting in a full suite of cybersecurity solutions that give you the confidence to move forward. 

Their services include:

A HIPAA Security Risk Analysis aims to ensure your business stays in compliance. If you work in a healthcare organization, you know how much personal information you have about your patients. A data breach could wreak havoc on your organization and result in your patients losing trust in your company. Blue Goat Cyber’s HIPAA Security Risk Analysis looks for areas of vulnerability. They’ll create an action plan to ensure your company complies and that your patients’ data is protected. 

Another service Blue Goat Cyber offers is penetration testing. They specialize in testing in the following areas:

  • Black box 
  • Network
  • Medical devices
  • Web application 

Their team emulates cybercriminals and hackers by utilizing similar techniques. They use these methods to identify areas of weakness and break into your systems. However, unlike hackers, they stop their tests before harming your environment or exposing sensitive data. 

Another service Blue Goat Cyber offers is medical device cybersecurity. Your medical devices need to meet FDA cybersecurity requirements. They’ll ensure that your devices follow these guidelines. They’ll evaluate each device and test it as necessary. Ensuring that your devices are secure is important to protecting patient information. The systems they test include web applications, MRI machines, and other healthcare devices.

Visit Blue Goat Cyber’s website, follow them on Instagram, and like them on Facebook to find out more information and to schedule a discovery call. 


Blue Goat Cyber is your trusted cybersecurity partner. We focus on HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, Penetration Testing, Medical Device Cybersecurity, and fractional CISO services. We combine technical prowess with emotional intelligence to help you achieve excellent results. Our team understands your needs, over-delivers, and provides an outstanding experience aimed at evolving into a long-term trusted-advisor relationship. All of our staff have been certified in their areas of expertise. Our passion is keeping your data secure and protected. 

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