What Type of Pen Test is Right for You?

penetration testing types

We perform several types of penetration tests at Blue Goat to accommodate the various needs of our clients. It is important to evaluate the specific needs of each organization to provide them with the most appropriate service. Our skilled team will use their expertise to help customers find the best solution for their needs. The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, and it is vital to ensure that organizations stay one step ahead of attackers.

Web Application and API Penetration Tests

Web Application and API tests evaluate custom web apps and APIs for vulnerabilities. Blue Goat employs a mix of automated and manual testing to cover as many areas as possible. We employ modern techniques and frameworks such as the OWASP Top 10 to ensure that the latest attacks are being tested for and prevented.

Web Application and API tests focus on technical exploitation as opposed to user-based attacks, such as harvesting stolen credentials or social engineering attacks. These tests can catch potentially major vulnerabilities present in external systems. The public-facing nature of web apps can make them a very appealing attack vector for attackers.

Blue Goat recommends this type of test to companies developing custom web applications. It is easy for bugs to slip through the cracks during development. Proper testing of applications can prevent vulnerabilities from remaining in the open and giving attackers an entrance into your network.

External Penetration Tests

External Penetration Tests simulate an attacker trying to get access to a network from the outside. A variety of technical and user-based attacks are used to attempt to gain access. This involves collecting as much information as possible about the organization to understand any running services on the external network, find potential user names, and locate areas that could be vulnerable to attack.

This type of test can be beneficial to any organization with an external internet presence. Even the most well-patched network can still be vulnerable to attack. Historical password breaches, credential stuffing, and simple misconfigurations can give attackers access to your network without having to exploit a single technical vulnerability.

Internal Penetration Tests

Internal Tests simulate an attack from the inside, either from an attacker that has already achieved internal access, or a malicious insider. Internal networks can very often be overlooked and contain major flaws. Properly hardening an internal network can greatly reduce the risk of sensitive information being stolen by attackers. Having a secure network can also help to prevent ransomware attacks, which are rapidly becoming a more prevalent form of cybercrime.

Blue Goat recommends internal tests as a measure to protect sensitive data and keep the internal network safe from attack. Internal networks can have massive attack surfaces, so working to reduce that as much as possible will greatly help with preventing cyber attacks. Our team can evaluate your internal systems to keep your organization safe from exploitation.

Wireless Penetration Tests

Wireless Tests evaluate the strength of your company’s wireless network. Vulnerabilities in a wireless network can give attackers access to the internal network through wireless access. WiFi networks can hold a myriad of problems that can be exploited. Keeping this secure can be thought of as maintaining a first line of defense for your network.

Wireless Tests are valuable to organizations concerned about attackers getting their foot in the door. Properly hardening the wireless network cuts out many avenues that can be abused by attackers and keeps your network safe.

Social Engineering Campaigns

Social Engineering Campaigns focus on the users of an organization. Even without exploitable vulnerabilities on network components, attackers can get access to sensitive information by targeting employees. The vast majority of attacks and data breaches come from improper user training and employees falling victim to social engineering attacks.

We employ cutting-edge techniques to best simulate an adversary when we perform Social Engineering Campaigns. Since attackers will be keeping up to date with the most modern tactics, we do the same. Blue Goat can perform wide-spread or targeted attacks to test the strength of your user training.

Blue Goat recommends these tests to any organization concerned about users falling prey to phishing attacks. More and more social engineering attacks are happening every day, and it is extremely important to properly prepare and train for this.

What Kind of Test is Right for Your Organization?

Our team can work with you based on your specific needs to find the best solution for your organization. Our highly trained team will work with you to identify any problems that you may have and help you to remediate any problems that we find. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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