HIPAA Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing to Support Compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule

Your team did an outstanding job. We thought we were secure, until your team found holes that our last vendor completely missed.
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Bryan Spencer

Steps to Schedule Your HIPAA Penetration Test:

HIPAA Penetration Testing

Our HIPAA penetration test includes a Remediation Validation Test (RVT) to maximize your security.

Although HIPAA only recommends a penetration test be performed annually, we recommend a quarterly program that includes validation testing.

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We ensure our testing covers the latest Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10, along with the following standard vulnerabilities:

  • SQL injection (Blind, Inference, Classic, Compounded)
  • OS command injection (Informed, Blind)
  • Server-side code injection
  • Server-side template injection
  • Reflected XSS
  • Stored XSS
  • Reflected DOM issues
  • Stored DOM issues
  • File path traversal/manipulation
  • External/out-of-band interaction
  • HTTP header injection
  • XML / SOAP injection
  • LDAP injection
  • CSRF
  • Open redirection
  • Header manipulation
  • Server-level issues


We follow a seven-phase methodology designed to maximize our efficiency, minimize risk, and provide complete and accurate results. The overarching seven phases of the methodology are:

  1. Planning and Preparation
  2. Reconnaissance / Discovery
  3. Vulnerability Enumeration / Analysis
  4. Initial Exploitation
  5. Expanding Foothold / Deeper Penetration
  6. Cleanup
  7. Report Generation


It is better to have an ethical hacker find the holes in your healthcare environment than an adversary. Our HIPAA Penetration Testing Services provide details on exploitable vulnerabilities in a prioritized, tangible manner. Our report allows you to understand better what your environment looks like from an attacker’s perspective; what the “attack surface” looks like. This helps you prioritize efforts to mitigate risk to reduce data breach likelihood.

Not only do our HIPAA Penetration Testing Services show you what your attack surface looks like to an adversary, but they can also be used as a safe way to test your organization’s incident response capabilities. Our Penetration Testing services can also be used to tune and test your security controls, such as your IDS, Firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Router Access Control Lists (ACLs), etc.


The HIPAA Penetration Test Report includes URLs tested, vulnerabilities discovered, steps taken during the assessment, exploitable areas discovered, and prioritized recommendations.  For any systems we exploit, an “Attack Narrative” section is used to discuss step-by-step the process we used to gain access, escalate privileges, etc. 

Frequently Asked HIPAA Penetration Testing Questions

Yes, we perform the Black Box Penetration Test first, then perform the Gray Box. Our report shows which test the finding is linked to and which role, if we test multiple user roles for the Gray Box test.

A vulnerability assessment identifies vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. It is less thorough than a penetration test. A penetration test looks at your environment from an attacker's perspective and leverages the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by attackers. A penetration test gives you a more accurate depiction of risk.

We typically issue the Letter of Attestation after we perform the ReTest. This allows you to fix any issues we identify in the initial penetration test.

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